NEWS: (Hint) Where the “Dickens” are “Zuzu’s” Petals?

Attention, Vintage HQ fans! We’ve got some great news for you! If you’re looking for some uniquely vintage options for your calendars this holiday season we’ve got a few “can’t miss” choices!

First, what could be more vintage Christmas than Charles Dickens? There are Dickens-themed events scheduled, literally, all over the United States this holiday season on every possible scale you can imagine but here’s the big news…we have THE “can’t miss” Dickens experience for you…Gerald Dickens. Yes, we said Dickens! Gerald Dickens is the great-great-grandson of THE Charles Dickens! He will be on tour during the Christmas season bringing his over-20-character one-man show A Christmas Carol vividly to life for many lucky audiences across the United States. The show he created was inspired by Charles Dickens’ own lively readings he would do for people back in the 1860s. Gerald has performed his adaptation of A Christmas Carol all over the world and you will NOT want to miss this! What an amazing opportunity! Who can say they’ve actually seen a relative of Charles Dickens perform A Christmas Carol in person? You can get more information at but here are the remaining tour dates we know of this year:

Next up is Karolyn Grimes! If you don’t know that name immediately we’ve got one word for you…Zuzu! Yes, little Zuzu from THE classic Christmas movie It’s a Wonderful Life will be making a few appearances during the holiday season across the United States and we wanted to make sure Vintage HQ fans were in the know!

  • November 29 – December 2, 2018 – Karolyn will be visiting the town of Collierville, Tennessee during “Christmas in Collierville!” Lots of magical Christmas activities are planned for this lovely town from late November through late December and Karolyn will be making a few appearances including speaking engagements on It’s A Wonderful Life as well as some meet and greets! For more information visit or
  • December 7 – 9, 2018 – Karolyn will be at the “It’s a Wonderful Life Festival” in Seneca Falls, New York! Yes, she is confirmed to be participating in activities there! If you don’t know about this amazing festival stay tuned because we’re going to be doing a highlight on it next week! Spoiler: FOUR of the original cast members from the film It’s a Wonderful Life will be at the festival! In addition to Zuzu her siblings Janie (Carol Coombs) and Tommy (Jimmy Hawkins) will be there as well as young Violet (Jeanine Roose). It’s always exciting for lovers of classic movies to actually be able to meet cast. It’s a rare treat these days! To find out more about this event visit

We hope you’ll have the opportunity to take one of our recommendations this holiday season! Stay tuned for more updates on “can’t miss” events near you!

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