SNEAK PEAK: The 1940s White Christmas Ball

Calling all Vintage HQ 1940s Fans…HAVE WE GOT THE SCOOP FOR YOU!

The 1940s is an era that, for some reason, many vintage lovers gravitate toward. Is it because of the fabulous hairstyles, the fashion in general, the music, or the cultural shifts that happened around the war? The love of the 1940s means different things to different people but, no matter why you love that decade, this is the event for you…THE 1940s WHITE CHRISTMAS BALL!

The 1940s White Christmas Ball is one of TWO ANNUAL EVENTS held in the Denver/Boulder, Colorado area. Every June brings us the 1940s WWII Era Ball in Boulder and every December brings us the 1940s White Christmas Ball in Denver. And this is NOT just an event for the locals. Oh, no. These events are HUGE! People drive and fly in from EVERYWHERE for a chance to step into the past! We here at Vintage HQ are HUGE FANS and can vouch for the off the charts amazing times to be had as we’ve had staff at the June event in Boulder and it was an unforgettable experience…a chance to dust off some of the muck of the modern world and step into yesteryear!

First, what’s so great about this event is that costume is HIGHLY recommended and, EVEN BETTER, the VAST MAJORITY of people you’ll lay eyes on when you’re there ARE ACTUALLY DRESSED UP! That’s HUGE because we’ve all been to those events that “encourage costume” and then, once you show up (all excited about the outfit you spent dollars and months creating), the percentage of people actually in costume is, like, 10% and it’s just…awkward. NOT HERE! Everywhere you look you’ll see people sporting swing dresses, peep toe shoes, victory rollsflared pencil dresses, sailor pants, saddle shoes, vintage uniforms, fedora hats, bow ties, you name it! IT. IS. GLORIOUS.

Second, this is not just any ol’ “ball.” It’s SO MUCH MORE! There are so many activities going on you won’t know where to look! The entertainment will be second to none with an Andrew’s Sisters-inspired vintage trio, The Beverly Belles, a Rat Pack tribute, The Satin Dollz and plenty of opportunities to dance your cares away to some amazing big band music (William and the Romantics, Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra, After Midnight Jazz Band and The Hot Tomatoes we’re looking at you). Also in addition to it always being a “1940s White Christmas Ball” this year’s theme is “It’s A Wonderful Life” so not only do you have the opportunity to meander through the Columbia Inn in Pine Tree, Vermont from the movie “White Christmas” and potentially bump into “Wallace and Davis” or the “Haynes Sisters” you’ll also have the opportunity to meet “George Bailey” and “Clarence Oddbody” and perhaps even take part in the Bedford Falls High School Charleston Dance Off or take a walk down Bedford Falls Main Street! All of that magic is IN ADDITION to getting an up close look at some gorgeous 1940s/50s cars, watching a “Glenn Miller” re-enactment, catching a costume parade, taking swing dance lessons, seeing “Frank Sinatra” perform, the list goes on and on! This is truly a UNIQUE EVENT and such an IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE!

Finally, it’s just so wonderful to see people of all ages and from all walks of life coming together to celebrate this era. You’ll see everyone from 20-somethings hipsters decked out head to toe tearing up the dance floor like they’ve been practicing all year to middle-aged moms in their retro gear just walking around observing the activities to true veterans from that generation wearing parts of their old uniforms and sitting on the sidelines of the action with smiles on their faces…taking it all in. The icing on the cake is that this event is run by a non-profit organization and ticket sales help support veteran heroes and the preservation of American history! So, trust us…you need to get your tickets ASAP as they can sell out (, figure out what you’re going to wear, start playing some big band music /practicing your dance moves in your living room and then jump in that car or plane or whatever means necessary to get to what will quickly become one of your favorite nights of the year!

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