MINI-SERIES REVIEW: The Secret of Crickley Hall

Are any Vintage HQ fans needing a recommendation for the watch list this weekend? If so, allow us to direct your attention to The Secret of Crickley Hall.

The Secret of Crickley Hall was a 2012 mystery/suspense BBC miniseries not really well-known in the States (we intend to change that!) based on a book with the same name by British author James Herbert. This miniseries actually runs two stories parallel…one in the present and one in the past. So, it’s part modern drama and part period drama which usually either means a poorly executed and confusing way to spend a few hours of your life as you attempt to keep track of what’s what or, when done properly, a few hours on the edge of your seat as you try to figure out how two intriguing stories from two different eras intertwine. Lucky for all of us it’s the latter in the case of The Secret of Crickley Hall.

The modern story is about the Caleigh family. Tom Ellis (Miranda, Merlin) and Suranne Jones (The Crimson Field, Vanity Fair) star as Gabe and Eve Caleigh who are living with their three children in London. One day when Eve takes her young son Cam to the park she accidentally falls asleep for a couple of minutes while he’s playing and when she wakes up he’s gone…

The second story takes us back to 1943 in the midst of World War II. Douglas Henshall (South Riding, Outlander) and Sarah Smart (Wuthering Heights, David Copperfield) are Augustus and Magda Cribben, a brother and sister running an orphanage at Crickley Hall for children who have been evacuated from London. The Cribbens make Crickley Hall a horrible place for children to live and one young boy, in particular, is being targeted…

As the one year anniversary of Cam Caleigh’s disappearance approaches Gabe suggests getting the family out of London for awhile, hoping that a change of scenery will help his wife (who is obsessed with the prospect that their son is still alive, feeling an active connection with him somehow). When she agrees to the plan the family packs up and heads north to a place they’ve rented…a place that immediately gives Eve a sense of déjà vu…a place called Crickley Hall.

This miniseries was definitely a hit with Vintage HQ staff! The plots of both storylines are so engrossing that you’ll basically be stressed out for 180 minutes straight! You can’t ask for more! It also has a great supporting cast. Olivia Cooke (Vanity Fair), Donald Sumpter (Tess of the D’Urbervilles, Great Expectations) and David Warner (Ripper Street, Titanic) are a few standouts. We highly recommend The Secret of Crickley Hall and, trust us, you’re welcome in advance!

Note: The Secret of Crickley Hall is currently on Hulu.

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