MOVIE REVIEW: Austenland

For those of you who haven’t heard of this movie Austenland is a Jane Austen-inspired romantic comedy that came out in 2013. It stars Keri Russell (Felicity), JJ Feild (Northanger Abbey), Jennifer Coolidge (2 Broke Girls), Georgia King (Little Dorrit) and Jane Seymour (Somewhere in Time).

We’re following the story of Jane…a 30-something year old American girl who has had a life-long obsession with Jane Austen’s works and who has, subsequently, been unlucky in love as her thought process is that “the only good men are fictional” (Mr. Darcy…sigh…). Does this sound familiar to any of our readers? She finally gets fed up with how her life is going and decides to spend her life savings on a vacation…but not just any vacation…a trip to England to be one of the participants of an “IMMERSIVE AUSTEN EXPERIENCE.” Sounds like a dream come true for most of us, right?¬†From there we’re taken on this journey with her…in her attempts to step back into history. She gets the clothes, the manor, the ball, everything…but is it enough?

This movie is definitely a look back into Austen’s world through modern glasses. If you’re looking for a super poignant, life-changing movie…move along. This one’s not for you. For everyone else, read on! This movie could have gone a couple of ways with its basic storyline…one being a pretty traditional (deeper) path or, well, this way. While Keri Russell’s character stays so authentic to how most of us Austen fans would move through this story there are just so many other elements (we’re looking at you, comedienne Jennifer Coolidge) adding so much ridiculous, crazy, hilarious randomness that it’s hard to take much seriously (which is, really, the point).

This movie definitely makes light of (even, dare we say, pokes a bit of fun of) the obsessive Jane Austen fan. So, readers, beware…if this is you (we hope so because we love Jane, too!) just know that coming into this! All Jane Austen fans will see a part of themselves in Keri Russell’s character and will want to go along on this journey with her!

We enjoyed this movie and recommend it! It’s very much just a light, fun, Austen-filled way to spend 97 minutes of your life!