IN THEATERS: Laurel and Hardy are Back in “Stan & Ollie”

Laurel and Hardy, one of the world’s all-time greatest comedy duos, are back! This time in the new film Stan & Ollie! 

If you’re a cinephile and fan of all things vintage but have not yet delved into the world that is Laurel and Hardy allow us to introduce you! Laurel and Hardy were a double act known for their slapstick comedy during the early days of Hollywood. They were well known between the 1920s and 1940s and, prior to teaming up, both were established actors and comedians in their own rights. While they were teamed up together on the film The Lucky Dog in 1921 it wasn’t until 1927 when they appeared in the silent short film Putting Pants on Philip that they officially became a double act both on film and stage. Appearing in over 100 movies together over the course of that career together, their last film Atoll K (1950) was the beginning of the end and, by the time the 1950s were in full swing, they were pretty much a thing of the past…which brings us to Stan & Ollie.

Based on a true story following the legendary comedy duo in their last act Stan & Ollie stars Steve Coogan (Holmes & Watson, Philomena, I’m Alan Partridge) as Englishman Stan Laurel and and John C. Reilly (Holmes & Watson, The Aviator, Chicago) as American Oliver Hardy. Stan & Ollie gives Laurel and Hardy fans a rare glimpse into a pivotal point in the duo’s story. We learn more about Laurel and Hardy when they find themselves, years after their prime, attempting to reignite their film careers. The film follows the duo’s 1953 UK tour and the audience will learn about rifts and lingering issues they had with each other as it plays out in the midst of a hectic tour schedule. The audience will also get a glimpse into their love of performing and each other in this poignant, heart-warming biographical film following what would become their triumphant farewell.

Stan & Ollie opens December 28th to a limited theatrical release in New York and Los Angeles before a nationwide release January 25th so binge watch a few classic Laurel and Hardy flicks, brush up on some of their famous catch phrases and then head out to a theater near you for a special glimpse into the lives of one of the most legendary comedy duos of all time!

Photo Credit: Sony Pictures Classics