Alright Vintage HQ fans…time for some Pillow Talk!

While not all fans of times gone by have delved very deeply into classic movies if you are a classic movie fan you should DEFINITELY know Doris Day! If you’re not acquainted with her you are in for a treat! She. Is. Fantastic. And Pillow Talk is arguably the best movie collaboration between the dazzling Doris Day and her co-star Rock Hudson. Doris and Rock were continually paired together during the late 1950s and early 1960s and ended up making a total of three movies together…Pillow Talk, Lover Come Back and Send Me No Flowers. Though the staff at Vintage HQ has a soft spot for Pillow Talk we’re also HUGE fans of Lover Come Back.

Pillow Talk is a classic, romantic comedy that came out in 1959. It’s about a successful, single (*insert gasp here*) interior decorator named Jan Morrow (Doris Day) who lives alone in New York City. Everything in her garden is rosy except that, due to high demands of the telephone company, she now has to temporarily share a “party line” with a man she’s never met…a songwriter named Brad Allen (Rock Hudson). [Sidebar: If you’re not familiar with the concept of a “party line” it’s, basically, where you and a stranger have the same telephone number. When someone calls a landline phone number it rings two different houses. We know, it seems so crazy in this day and age but that’s what so wonderful about classic movies…it’s a glimpse into the past…the way people used to live.] Anyways, back to the plot. Almost every time Jan picks up the phone at home to make a call she hears this man using the phone to serenade random women! She can’t get a call through!

After trying (and failing) to reason with this man over sharing phone time more equally she decides to complain about him to the telephone company. Soon after, Jan and Brad meet by chance in person. Brad has heard someone she’s with say her name so he knows who she is but he’s attracted to her and knows he wouldn’t get far with her if he told her who he really was (given how much trouble he’s caused her with their shared “party line” issue). So, what does he decide to do? He decides to give her a fake name and use a southern accent, of course! There’s no way this could end badly, right? Needless to say, hilarious complications ensue!

There is SO MUCH to love about this movie…including the supporting cast! The wonderful Thelma Ritter (whom Doris starred with later in another great movie, Move Over, Darling) plays Jan’s drunken maid and Tony Randall (a staple in the Day/Hudson movies…appearing with them, again, in both Lover Come Back and Send Me No Flowers) is Brad’s old college friend and business partner. Pillow Talk has become such a beloved classic. You just can’t beat it. This movie is a MUST for any vintage fan’s movie collection!