BEST OF NASHVILLE: Top 5 Vintage Accommodation Picks

Alright, Vintage HQ fans, you’ve been waiting for it! Here’s our “Top 5” list for our current favorite accommodations for the vintage fan when visiting Nashville, Tennessee! We here at Vintage HQ love the “vintage-friendly” Music City and have compiled our lists of our “Top 5” current faves in the categories of shopping, restaurants and accommodations! You can check out our “Top 5” lists for both shopping (HERE) and restaurants (HERE) and now we’re ready to reveal our current picks for accommodations!

Linden Manor Bed and Breakfast: The staff at Vintage HQ LOVE a good B&B! There’s something so charming about most of them…so quaint and lovely. Many good B&Bs are in old homes and most retain that vintage elegance by filling it with antiques and lace and many other furnishings and things that vintage fans geek out about! Linden Manor is just such place. This Victorian home was built in 1893 and has been completely restored to incorporate elements of the 19th-century Victorian era while also providing the current comforts we love so much. One of many things to love about Linden Manor (in addition to the turret and wrap-around porch) is that it’s located in the heart of Nashville. They’re located just around the corner to an area that boasts great restaurants and unique shops. And, don’t forget, in addition to the culinary delight that is Linden Manor‘s breakfasts, freshly baked afternoon refreshments will also be waiting for you if you need some chill time between you day and night activities in Music City! (1501 Linden Avenue, Nashville, TN 37212

Hermitage Hotel: There’s no way we could omit the Hermitage Hotel from our “Top 5” list. This hotel was established in 1910 and has a grandeur of times long gone by. Hotels are just not made this way anymore. Verandas, grand staircases and breathtaking features in both the French Renaissance and classical Italian styles abound as part of this magical, elegant hotel. If your pocketbook allows, we highly recommend this hotel. If not, maybe check and see if they’re still serving afternoon tea to the public. It’s an unforgettable vintage lover’s experience. While you’re in Nashville be sure to spend some time in this glorious space! (231 6th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37219

Caroline House Nashville: Alright, vintage fans…we’ve got another B&B for you! Caroline House Nashville was established in 1921. It’s another charming, restored, historic property (a lovely bungalow to be exact) and is yet another centrally-located option for you in Music City! This option is a tad less of a tradition “B&B” experience in some ways but what makes it different also appeals to the “fans of the past” in us and still makes it stand-out choice in the midst of so many run-of-the-mill hotel experiences. We miss the old days when it felt safe to walk around the neighborhood and strike up friendships with complete strangers. What is so unique about Caroline House Nashville is that the breakfast experience, in particular, encourages just that. You. Will. Love. This. Because they’re located right in the middle of an area with great restaurants and talented, local chefs you have hot tea, coffee and a light morning snack available to you at Caroline House Nashville but for breakfast you actually get a “breakfast card” to take with you to use at a restaurant in the immediate area (a different spot each day). This is GENIUS! It gives the visitor to Nashville a more authentic, local experience within this friendly, walk-able, urban neighborhood. (906 Bradford Ave, Nashville, TN 37204

Union Station Hotel: Union Station Hotel is a Nashville boutique hotel which just happens to be inside a restored 19th-century railroad station! Yup, that’s right! While the rooms and some other parts of the hotel are a little more modern and “Nashville” this is a vintage fan “must” as there are areas in the hotel (the lobby atrium for example) that is an absolute, vintage-loving show stopper! It’s one of those hotels that have all of these wonderful elements nodding to the past when travel (rail, air, etc.) was a more, overall, elegant experience. Details worth noting are the approximately 100-year-old Tiffany-styled stained glass and the majestic 65 ft. barrel-vaulted ceiling. Breathtaking! (1001 Broadway, Nashville, TN 37203

Butterfly Meadows Inn and Farm: Ok, we’ve saved one of our favorites for last. Have you ever just wanted leave the chaos of this loud and modern world behind to step back into the “good ole days?” Well, now it’s possible. This inn is just minutes from Nashville but is completely in a world of its own. Surrounded by 40 acres of meadows and woods it truly is a “getaway.” The owners of this fantastic property designed the inn to have the essence of a 100 year old farmhouse (they nailed it, by the way) and as if the porches, rocking chairs, quilts, antiques and home-cooked meals weren’t enough we LOVE that the owners have named each of their guest rooms after special women who were important in their lives (most being grandmothers, of course)…what a lovely, personal touch in the midst of a special, vintage experience. (6775 Bethesda-Arno Rd, Franklin, TN 37179

As we said before, Nashville has something for all vintage fans so we hope our lists have inspired you to start researching this unique town and get a trip on the books!