About Us

Do you ever feel like you don’t really belong here? You just don’t quite fit in this crazy, modern time in which we’re living. While everyone around you is chasing the latest fashions and technology and immersing themselves in the obsession of all things “pop culture” you find yourself longing for a taste of “the good old days.” You have this feeling you just might have been BORN IN THE WRONG ERA

How does this happen? Becoming a fan of other decades can stem from so many sources! If you’ve lived long enough you may have just taken solace in that decade you loved best…in fact, your heart may have never truly left! Maybe some of the best years of your life were in the 1940s or the 1970s…you may just gravitate toward the things that remind you of that time in your life! If you haven’t lived long enough to be acquainted with some of these past decades, firsthand, maybe you grew up with parents who instilled their favorite eras in you. You may have grown up watching classic movies or listening to the old crooners on a regular basis. Maybe, though, you were completely oblivious until someone more recently brought some vintage magic into your life and it has turned your world upside down! You find yourself exploring these other eras…these worlds you knew nothing about…old music, fashions, movies, books…until you find an era (or eras) that makes sense to you…where it feels “right.”

Thus, the love affair with the world of vintage begins and it may manifest itself in many ways. Gone are the days of nothing to watch at the movie theater because nothing sounds good. You’ve discovered something better…your flat screen tv and a WHOLE WORLD of classic movies and period dramas! You may stop shopping for clothes that look like everyone else. Instead you find yourself browsing vintage patterns and learning to sew or searching online for some true vintage or vintage-inspired pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe! Rather than searching through the same stores everyone else does to furnish your home you might find yourself busy spending weekends scouting out estate sales and antique shops! It QUICKLY becomes an obsession…a lovely, lovely obsession. As you begin to step into the past you begin to find yourself…your true self…that VINTAGE SOUL that’s been so lost wandering around in this loud and modern world. Suddenly you look around and your world makes more sense…you’re surrounding yourself with things you absolutely LOVE.

Next, finding “kindred spirits” is such a thrilling part of a vintage lover’s journey…those people who understand you. They completely get why you’re giddy after you’ve left a yard sale with a gorgeous antique buffet for $50 or why you’re squealing in the middle of a thrift store after scoring a $5 set of two teacups and saucers whose pattern matches the pieces you’ve been collecting. They’re right beside you crying at all the same parts of a beautiful piece of classic literature brought to the screen and they’re just as excited as you are after they receive the photo shoot you’ve sent them via phone of the vintage carpet bag you’ve just bought online. We NEED these people! “Kindred spirits” are out there but they’re sometimes hard to find! The wonderful world of vintage is fragmented in so many ways. Sure, there’s the best antique shop EVER over here and a great little vintage blog over there and a life-changing old movie you need to see but have never heard of…but fans of vintage need a resource collecting this information for you AND connecting you with other “kindred spirits!”

Enter Vintage HQTHE Online Vintage Headquarters! VintageHQOnline.com has been created to be THE “ONE STOP SHOP” for ALL THINGS VINTAGE! We’re here to bring you information about movies…and clothes…and events…and home decor…and blogs…and accessories…and destinations…and shops…and books…and music…and SO MUCH MORE that will GREATLY ENRICH YOUR VINTAGE-LOVING LIFE! It’s a community FOR vintage lovers BY vintage lovers and we’re DELIGHTED that you, another “kindred spirit,” have found your way here! We hope to be part of YOUR vintage journey for a long time to come!